Understanding customer priorities for the selection of a call taxi service is crucial for taxi companies to provide a better customer experience and tailor their services accordingly. Here are some common factors that influence customer priorities when choosing a call taxi service:

Price: Pricing is often a significant factor for customers. Some customers prioritize affordability and look for budget-friendly options, while others may be willing to pay more for added comfort and convenience.


Customers want to know that the taxi near me will arrive on time and take them to their destination without any issues. Punctuality and reliability are highly valued.


Safety is a top priority for many customers. They want to be assured that the drivers are experienced, background-checked, and the vehicles are well-maintained and meet safety standards.


Clean and well-maintained vehicles create a positive impression. Customers may avoid taxis that appear dirty or poorly maintained.


Convenience factors like ease of booking, multiple payment options, and 24/7 availability are significant. A user-friendly app or website for booking can be a big draw.

Driver Behavior:

The behavior of the driver plays a crucial role. Customers appreciate polite, professional, and helpful drivers. Rude or unprofessional behavior can lead to negative reviews.

Vehicle Comfort:

The comfort of the taxi, including legroom, air conditioning, and the overall condition of the vehicle, is important to customers, especially for longer trips.


Customers with special needs may prioritize accessibility features, such as wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Offering options for different needs can be a competitive advantage.

Reviews and Ratings:

Many customers rely on the feedback and ratings of other customers to make their decisions. Positive reviews and high ratings can boost the credibility of the service.

Loyalty Programs:

Some customers are attracted to loyalty programs that offer discounts or rewards for frequent usage.

Coverage Area:

The availability of taxis in their location and the extent of the service’s coverage area are essential considerations for customers.

Environmental Concerns:

An increasing number of customers are conscious of the environment and may prefer taxis with lower emissions or options for sharing rides.

Corporate Partnerships:

Taxi services that have partnerships with businesses or hotels may be more appealing to customers looking for seamless transportation options.


Clear pricing, no hidden fees, and transparency in the booking process are appreciated by customers.

In-Car Amenities:

Some customers may prioritize in-car amenities like free Wi-Fi, phone chargers, or entertainment systems.

It’s important for call taxi services to conduct market research, collect feedback from customers, and adapt their offerings based on these priorities. Tailoring services to meet customer preferences can lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and a competitive edge in the market.