The website is the first showcase to think about in order to realize any digital business project.

A well-planned and implemented multi-channel web marketing strategy around the development of a website can help small and large businesses generate leads and increase sales.

The advantages of hiring a website developer
In business planning, many doubts can arise about which processes are really relevant and indispensable for the company to establish itself in its sector of activity. Among the issues that can be discussed, the need to go to a website developer is one of them.

Although most companies are already present on the internet, not all invest effectively in this area, above all because they do not understand the potential that the web has to offer.

The 20th and 21st centuries have seen the emergence of new technologies, such as the internet, the digitization of data, the democratization of hardware and software solutions, not to mention the globalization of information. These technologies have moved the economic model of the traditional company towards what is defined as a digital company .

The inexorable technological progress has also contributed to the emergence of a new socio-professional environment. The fact is that the combination of technology, electronic devices and internet access has become a fundamental part not only of the daily life of citizens, but also of businesses.

Traditional companies must imperatively evolve digitally : otherwise their business could be doomed to failure.

In this scenario, investing in building a website is crucial to the success of any business.

Why invest in business website development
In one of its reports (it’s a bit dated, so we can assume the numbers are even higher today), Seo Suceava indicated that 78% of Internet users use the Internet to search for information about a product or company. This means that a company that presents its services and products online has a better chance of being chosen than one that does not.

The advantages of having a website are many and we can observe, for example, that well-developed portals contribute to some companies performing better than others. This happens because professionally crafted sites are designed to provide a good user experience and as a result help in reaching the target audience more effectively.

Investing in the development of a website is essential to get better results, connect more easily with your audience and, of course, acquire more customers.

Website creation as the cornerstone of the marketing strategy
According to INÈ (the Spanish National Institute of Statistics) and data analyzed by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat), in 2021 more than 78% of companies with ten or more employees already had a website. It is important to note that the crisis caused by the covid19 has accelerated the digitization of companies, many of which have decided to invest in a corporate website or to renew the one they had.

Many of them have seen the crisis as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and have decided to adapt to the new situation.

As mentioned above, the benefits of having a website are many. We have selected the most relevant.

Greater credibility

Having a good website is essential to be professional and credible to customers. Therefore, web pages must be up to date, function properly and have a pleasant design so that consumers feel reassured by the seriousness of the brand.

More visibility for the company

Another important factor is to increase the company’s visibility, especially if we take into account that, in the purchasing process, consumers usually research the business or product before making a decision.

Having an online platform allows the company to be found by many more people and to provide more information about the business, strengthening the brand image.

It is worth remembering that, in order for the brand to have good visibility and be found by potential customers, it is essential to work professionally on optimizing the site through SEO techniques.

Better relationship with the public

The website can improve the relationship capacity of the company. In fact, in addition to increasing the possibilities of communicating directly with customers – which can be done through forums, FAQs, online chats and blogs – the online presence contributes, in a decisive way, to customer loyalty.

Increase in sales

Even before the digital boom due to the pandemic, market research attested to a very high percentage of consumers who preferred to buy online rather than in physical stores. In recent years there has been a further exponential increase in the e-commerce sector.

The trend of online shopping is not fleeting: the Global Payments Report 2022 estimates that, by 2025, the growth of e-commerce will reach 18% per year.

Not investing in a quality, efficient and captivating website means giving up an incredible market share.

Measurement of results

By creating a corporate website and integrating it with tools such as Google Analytics , it is possible to have a real vision of how many people have visited the pages and in which categories the visitor contacts are concentrated.

Furthermore, thanks to the contact page on the website, data relating to the visitors who have used it is accurately collected and an effective and direct communication channel can be maintained.

From all the information collected online, you can get ideas and think of strategies to use in physical stores as well.

Managing the competition

‍Owning a website is essential if you want to stand out from the competition and gain notoriety.
A website allows you to distinguish yourself visually and culturally from your competitors. In fact, you can create a design that is in line with the brand and that fully reflects the company’s values ​​and mission.

Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Creating a website for your company and using it as a means of communication is an investment . Considering how many people it can reach, from anywhere in the world, at any time, building a site is cost-effective, especially when compared to what conventional media, such as television, charge for advertising.

Strengthen the brand

Building a valuable brand can take a lot of time and effort, but the internet can significantly reduce this arduous and expensive path. For this reason, the corporate website must be functional, load quickly and be useful for the user, thus conveying a positive idea of ​​the business.

The stages of creating a successful business website
The creation of a successful corporate site requires compliance with some fundamental steps on which the entire project develops.

Defining the objectives and the target audience

Before creating the website it is essential to know what its main objective is and then focus the design and contents on the basis of it. Do you want to sell products or services? Do you want to provide information on a topic? These are the questions to ask.
Furthermore, it is necessary to define the potential customer to identify the most effective way to communicate with the reference target.

Responsive design

The design must necessarily adapt to different devices to ensure a good user experience. The aesthetic aspect of the site must also be consistent with the corporate identity and the brand image and be functional and attractive to capture greater interest.

Valuable content

It is essential that site content is consistent and relevant to the business and that it adds value to the potential customer. The user must always be at the center of the strategy.

Optimization for search engines

If you want search engines like Google to position your website well, it must be optimized with SEO procedures. In fact, it will be of little use to have a beautiful design if you don’t work to be found by potential customers.