The market on apps is usually ruled by the smartphones. We see the advent of thousands of apps that are invading the market, which are vying for a place among the competition. So, no one knows, when the apps will be viral and which are the types of apps resulting in the successful downloads. This year, we have seen the gaming apps dominating the market, like the formidable Pokemon Go and the latest Super Mario Run. The investors in this market are always keen to look for the next big thing to happen to the market.

The app market space is dominated by the Venture Capitalists(VCs). Most of the users are either searching, for an information or obtaining some information. It is best to compare the experience as that of a movie, either you watch it or you simply do not. It is always a better investment for a bigger company, who has already made some achievements in the mobile app space.

Investing in an app is about cultivating relationship, thereby establishing a complete inside track with the founder. No apps are perfect, as they might be the first attempts and most of them are still evolving.

However, before investing in the app market, certain factors are to be considered and these are:

Cross-pollination Apps

There are two hard parts about the app based market. First, is the downloading of the app and subsequently comes the harder part of letting the users open the apps for more than once. Multiple third-party apps are encouraged by many apps, instead of the single standalone apps.

Importance of Trends

The messaging apps are the most recent trends, as they allow the user to converse with each other, without even looking at each other. Snapchat and iMessenger are the types of Messenger apps, allowing collaboration between friends. In fact, Zappos from Amazon helps to shop with friends.

The safest bets are the food and drink apps. You get important information on recipe, nearest restaurants or the food that is eaten by you. We see that in the food and drink category, most of the apps are popular but those without human to human conversation are the apps which are doing well.

Investors are however unable to predict the outcome of app success, similar to what happened with Pokemon Go.

Thought on Diversifying

The risk on individual companies are reduced by the diversification on multiple app companies. The companies are trying to improve in the market for apps. The limitation of number of apps to be stored are based on the phone memory. So, more are the number of apps downloaded, better are the chances of putting other apps into oblivion.

Consideration of ETFs

The investors are also interested in the Emerging-growth technologies (ETFs). The portfolio is based on apps, chosen at discretion that you are comfortable losing.

It is not always true that the coolest of the apps succeed. The trained investors will always be equipped with tools on probabilities, but then human nature is quite unpredictable. So, whether the user will really like the app idea as extremely appealing or just refuse to accept the idea as something worthwhile for downloading, is only a matter of chance. Your decision on the app becomes wiser, when you have better knowledge of the existing trends. Many companies in the app market are privately held ones, the investors must keep an watch on when they turn into a publicly held firm, based on strong invest-able qualities.

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