Accidents at work are very common, even with stricter and stricter health and safety legislation regulating the way companies handle risks in the workplace. When an employer or colleague ignores the rules, it’s easy for accidents to happen and for others to get injured while working.

We all assume that our employers and managers are doing their best to keep us safe, and we should never expect our workplace to be dangerous. Unfortunately, many jobs have a high risk of injuries, and when employers fail to keep employees safe from harm, accidents happen.

If you’ve been injured at your job and live in the North West of England, you should find a good firm of personal injury solicitors in Manchester as soon as possible, to make sure you get compensation and make your workplace safer.

How do I know if I can claim?

If your injury was caused by a colleague being negligent, or the health and safety regulations not being followed, it’s likely you can claim compensation – and be successful. Even if this makes an old injury or medical condition worse, you could argue to get compensated from your employer.

You shouldn’t feel in danger while you’re at work. Your employer or manager always has a responsibility to keep everyone safe while on duty. When they fail to do so and cause an accident, they should be held accountable.

The ways they can create an environment that’s dangerous to employees include:

  • Not using the proper warning signs around hazards
  • Not providing workers with the safety equipment they need
  • Not training employees properly

Employers have to follow health and safety laws to the letter, and this includes providing workers with training, guidance, and equipment. Even with strict laws regulating the workplace, about half of all serious accidents happen at work. That should give you an indication of how often the rules are bent, or ignored entirely, by employers.

Why should I claim after a work accident?

Making a claim after a work accident is not only important for your compensation. Obviously, you should be compensated for your pain, your expenses, your time off work and many other things. But remember: any case regarding an injury will be documented by the company, and it should trigger an audit of the precautions your employer has been taking.

By starting legal proceedings, you will effectively make your company safer for your colleagues. Your company can’t impact you negatively for making a legit claim after an accident, so you shouldn’t worry about losing your job, having your hours cut, or being demoted. Your solicitor will make sure your rights are protected as a worker.

Safety at work is not only something you should expect, but something the law requires from your employer. When an employer puts a worker in danger of being seriously injured, you shouldn’t hold back from going through the process of making a claim. You deserve compensation for your pain, and a safer work environment.