There are many definitions of marketing. Generally the concept is described as function that is used to communicate and create value to be delivered to customers. The same process or parts that can comprise the process can also be used in developing and managing relations with customers in business environments.
With such a broad definition, it is important to consider if a short marketing course can really be of any benefit. In this particular context, short is a relative term and what is more important in the format in which the content of the course is delivered.
In the area of internet marketing which is composed of several areas, and sub areas, each component can effectively delivered as a short marketing course. There may be considerable debates as to which area should be considered the most effective or the most important. In online marketing, there appears to be a very strong bias developing towards an emphasis on search engine optimization. In fact, it appears to have taken preferences over other aspects. While extremely important, in the online world, it should not be forgotten that the results should not be appreciated by search engine bots, but ultimately by human beings, and to humans, the most appreciated aspect, is the quality of the content.
there are many parallel operations or processes that exist in components of marketing, both in the online and offline world. The ultimate goal in both situations is directed at the customers. A short marketing course, delivered in any format, should be instructive in teaching what marketing really is. There is still the mistaken impression among the uninitiated that marketing is not selling. Marketing really is a part of the sales process. The wide and extensive process involves as thought by many marketing courses is finding the customers and matching him or her to your business and placing appropriate products and services to his or benefits.
A short marketing course can be effective in explaining how and where the content can be delivered to be most effective. One of the fastest growing areas online that easily converted into marketing medium is the area of social media marketing. The use of social media as a marketing tool, can be adopted, because the basic concept, remain strongly in sharing. Social media marketing appears to have permeated all aspects of our lives and will soon become the de facto standard of things that are done. Remember that humans are social creatures, we are born to be social and any short marketing course should clearly emphasize the fact.
In business, it still remains true, that most deals are not closed in business settings, but actually in social settings, so therefore there should be no hesitance in forming a very compatible mix of social, networking and marketing. Unfortunately, most marketing courses fail to introduce any social aspects, but things are undergoing changes are venues for exchanging information and socializing are being developed leading to a new paradigm to be now be included in any short marketing course.