Blasting stone is a type of decorative stone obtained by processing natural stones in a certain way. These stones are used to provide aesthetics and durability, especially in installation and decoration projects. 

Blasting stone

What is Blasting Stone?

Blasting stones are pieces obtained by blasting or cutting rocks with a certain method. This method is used to reveal the texture and pattern on the surface of natural stones. Generally, natural stone types such as sandstone, limestone, travertine are processed as blasting stones.

Production Process:

Rock Selection: The first step is the selection of the natural stone to be used. These stones are usually selected among those with durable and aesthetic properties.

Cutting and Drilling: Natural stones are cut and drilled to certain dimensions using special machinery and equipment.

Blasting Process: The drilled stones are subjected to the blasting process. This process reveals the desired surface by focusing on the natural cracks of the stone.

Inspection and Correction: The resulting pieces are inspected for quality control and corrected if necessary.

Areas of Use:

Exterior Facade Coatings: It is used for aesthetics and durability on the exterior facades of buildings. It is preferred in villas and luxury houses.

Flooring and Walkways: It is a popular material used in garden paths, terraces and landscaping.

Wall Coverings: It is preferred for wall coverings and decorative wall panels indoors. It provides a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

Stair Treads: It is used for indoor and outdoor stair steps.

Blasting Stone Production in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its natural stone riches and is therefore one of the leading countries in the production of blasting stones. Especially the Cappadocia region is known for its famous blasting stone samples. In Turkey, especially in the construction sector.

Things to Consider When Buying Natural Stone:

Quality Check: It is important to check the quality of the stones before purchasing. Cracks, colour inconsistencies or other defects should be examined.

Planning Before Installation: Blasting stone installation requires good planning before installation. Pattern and colour matching is important.

Professional Installation: Blasting stone installation should be carried out by specialists. If the correct techniques are not used, the durability of the stones may decrease.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Blasting stone requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Suitable cleaning agents should be used.

Blasting stone is a natural and durable decorative material with high aesthetic value. With the right selection and installation, it can provide a long-lasting and stylish decoration.

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