You are probably wondering what this buzz concerning social media marketing is and how relevant it is to your business niche. Now, I am going to make it easy by using a city like Toronto, as an example of conceivable media marketing idea has in order to reach both prospective and old clients and to maintain a continuous and loyal customer relationship in the city.

The facts

Toronto city is thought to be one of the most multicultural diverse cities in the world, and is made up of estimated 2.48 million residents who come from all walks of life. If you considered the surrounding towns, then the total population of the greater Toronto is more than 5.5 individuals. According to Erick Qualman, an authority in marketing and who authored the best seller social media Marketing book by the name”, Socialnomics, over 50%of total worlds population are under the age of 30 years and 96% of this population have joined one social network or another. If we zero in on Toronto, let us see how important this statistic is to a social media marketing campaign for your business.

Toronto’s 1.1 residents are below age 30 and if we use the statistic cited above, this translates to at least 1 million people who are aged below 30 years of age and are members of sites like Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, etc. if we magnify this to the greater Toronto surroundings, this translates to a figure greater than 2.49 million individuals who are under 30 years of age. And who are member of the mentioned social websites. Don’t forget we never mentioned the other half a million citizens who may be members of these sites and are over 30years of age. This is the potential reach of media marketing campaigns if done with the aim of reaching a specific age group in mind.

Utilizing social media marketing

If you utilize social media marketing to build and maintain a loyal customer base, you are going to target your marketing campaign to that specific group of individuals. You are going to let them know that your business is on Facebook or Myspace and that they can add you as a friend and the cycle will go on. Instead of you using an expensive alternative, for example, television, flyers, radio, etc because of social media, you directly advertise it on their profile account. If your clients want to share this information with their friends, they simply broadcast it on their accounts and this is where social media gets really powerful as a marketing tool for your business.

Lastly, the potential to pass this information all over Toronto through the power of marketing is amplified as more and more people pass the advertised information to their friends and acquaintances. This will eventually reach the entire globe, making your business firm a world wide corporation that has a global customer reaches. With the advances in social media marketing technology, you literally circulate your advertisements around the world in less than a second, costing almost zero.