Email marketing has been said to be “the” marketing tool of the future. But what else could the future bring? How about having to pay for emails? Will there be postage on emails in the future? Who knows, one thing we do know is that everything that was once free now costs at least a few cents here and there. Could paying a small amount for every email sent destroy to email marketing industry as we know it today or would payment on emails resolve in less email marketing?

Email marketing is and will be the marketing tool for the next few years as more and more people are finding out. That is why we see opt-ins on almost every website now a day. Email marketing generates more money than any other free marketing tool of today, in fact it may be one of the few remaining pillars of direct marketing that is still free. So for now it proudly wears the badge of marketing tool of the future.

The concern of many people is that because of this free trend, there may in the not to distant future, come a drastic change in emails as we know it. What if we would be charged for every email that was sent out, or even for every email sent and received? We know that this applies to text messages, and that you have to pay for every text message that you send and that you receive. So it is really that far of a stretch to imagine having to pay the same way for emails? Probably not. What would be the effect on internet and email marketers if there would be a fee on emails? Could it be devastating or would it simply be a hurdle?

For some internet and email marketers it would be devastating because many internet marketers start with nothing to work with, or on an extremely limited budget. Having to pay an additional fee for sending out emails would put a dent in their budget, so now it would be compared to sending out regular mail. Chances are that it would still be cheaper than sending out direct mail pieces, but it would be a cost non-the less. We know that many of the people we have trained throughout the years could not have gotten started if they would have had to pay for their emails. In fact most of them probably would not have gone into internet marketing if they would have had to pay for email marketing.

If we look at it realistically, charging for example a penny for an email would not be unfair. So two pennies, one to send and one to receive which is not a large amount. What about the people that are building email lists of over ten or fifteen thousand people? That would first of all mean that these internet marketers would be faced with a cost of about $100-$150 pr email blast. Now if the email marketer is on top of what he is doing, chances are that he is sending out at least one email a week. Granted if you have a mailing list that size, you would not be faced too much with paying the $100 or a $150. The aspect that we are more concerned about is who would open these mails knowing that they will have to pay a penny to open it? Would you be more careful with what email you looked at if you knew that you would have to pay for taking a look, just like with text messaging?

That aspect could mean the end of internet or email marketing, if people had to pay to open every single email they got then response rates would probably drastically go down. So once again it would be those who are just trying to make it or starting out that would suffer from such a fee being put on emails. So how long is it really going to be till this could possibly happen, could be a couple of years or could be a couple of decades, but rest assure, the time will come!

Now for me, I know that I receive several hundred emails a week, most of them being unwanted or “spam” emails. If I would have to pay for every email that I opened there would be higher demand on my part as to who got to send me emails and what would even make it to my inbox. Just like if I had to pay for every item I got out of my mailbox, I would want to be able to specify what mail I would get and what mail I wouldn’t get. With technology you would think it would be easier to filter out these email, but the truth is that email marketers are a step ahead of the spam filters so we have to deal with for now. Maybe paying for emails wouldn’t be such a bad idea, would it?

For now I am glad that they are not charging, because it gives me a chance to teach more people how to use the internet and emails as one of the most effective marketing tools available today. I love the fact that people that have nothing can get a business up and running for less than $30 a month and use it to make a couple of extra hundred dollars a month, and free emails still make that possible!