Frustration with the pace of growth in my business led to the discovery of a strategy that has qualified prospects coming to me rather then me approaching them or bombarding them with information. Like Many Network Marketers, I got started with great enthusiasm in my home business because of the product quality and personal results that I achieved with the product. I achieved a level of success using company marketing plans including names lists, warm market, purchased leads such as Cutting Edge Media, newspaper ads, post cards, flyers, and approaching strangers. However, I became frustrated with the slow and declining pace of business growth and was soon spending almost as much money as the income I was generating.

Learn the power of using the internet to generate qualified leads for your home business. Many network marketers are discovering the power of the internet. We have all used the search engines to locate things and find answers to questions we have in all facets of our lives. Millions of people in today’s economy are looking for ways to generate income or start their own business. Many choose some form of a home based business such as network marketing. They are searching the internet for companies, how to strategies, and marketing and lead generation technologies. This is such a fertile area that a whole new marketing description has been coined.

That new term is Attraction Marketing and basically means having prospects come to you. They may email or call you first. Importantly, some level of relationship will have been established before contact because of things that you put in place. This establishes credibility that was never there in the traditional marketing practices for network marketing. There is also an opportunity for monetization, which means earning money while at the same time you are attracting qualified prospects to you. This is making the best of the online marketing process available and reduces your marketing costs.

Attraction marketing includes the use of Social Marketing resources like Facebook and Twitter. Other elements are ezine articles, blogs, web sites, and videos marketing. There are many resources on the internet that offer training and assistant in getting started in each of these areas. There are quality and professionally based programs that offer basic training classes on the different Attraction Marketing elements all the way to specialized area training and full blown mentoring programs.

Monetization is making money while generating qualified leads. That process is best characterized by providing value without cost first by teaching and educating people about building a network marketing or home based business. Then offering them in depth training programs or tutorials that help them develop and hone that skill. You are providing a real service and also position yourself to earn commissions on those products. You automatically qualify yourself as a mentor and leader.

Traditional Network Marketers are rapidly moving to the Internet and to Attraction Marketing to generate their leads because the old methods are no longer effective. People have become more knowledgeable and therefore the older and traditional promotional and marketing strategies no longer work. The advent of the internet has made much more information readily available to even the beginner. They have witnessed competition from people using successful Attraction Marketing strategies

Apply the strategies of Attraction Marketing and you will attract more and better qualified leads to your network marketing or home based businesses. A very attractive option is to monetize that process and generate a cash flow that significantly reduces the cost of the lead generation. Attraction Marketing is gaining recognition, respect, and wider acceptance because it leverages the power of the internet. Many network marketers, both new and experienced, are moving there promotional and marketing strategies to the internet because they get results.