Network Marketing Business is a system that promotes products and/or services online. This is done through the internet by both affiliate marketers and merchants or business owners. At the heart of the business model are five core ingredients that determine the success of the internet marketing business. These ingredients are as outlined below:-

1) Your Market

2) Your Offer

3) Targeted Traffic

4) Your Backend

5) System Duplication

Every business serves a target market. Your niche is the bedrock of your prospective customers. If you don’t target a strong market from the beginning, you could do everything else right in your internet marketing business and still fail. Every market represents a niche, but not every niche represents a viable and profitable market. A niche Business consists of a business idea that is centered around a highly targeted market group.

Having established your niche market, the next key component of you Internet Marketing business is your Offer. Majority of merchants regard their products to be the same with their offer.However it is very important to note that people do not buy products–they buy Solutions. Your focus should therefore shift away from the details and features of your products to the problems it can solve. In all niche markets , one must present his products or services as the only solution and market it as such.

The other element for a sound network marketing business is Market specific traffic. Driving traffic to your website is much like luring potential customers into a brick-and-mortar storefront. A visitor is considered targeted when he can be identified as a member of your target market. In order to generate and direct targeted traffic from your market to your website, then, you must be able to locate sources of market-specific traffic. Adequate analysis of the market presents the affiliate or merchant with where to focus on and where.

The fourth key component of a successful internet marketing business is your Back-end Offers. The backend refers to offers you make as follow-ups after an initial sale, while the front-end refers to the lead offer or lead product. While your lead offer gets your customer through the door,the bulk of your income is going to be generated by backend offers. This is based on the premise that existing customers are much more likely to buy from you again if you present them with another offer. If you want to make a real income from you internet marketing business,you must followup with your existing customers. Once someone has purchased a product through you,they are likely to purchase another and another if you follow up with relevant offers.

The last key element of a successful Internet marketing business is your System Duplication. This entails copying your current business system into other niche markets or expanding to other product lines within the same niche sector. Once you have established yourself successfully with your current business and put it on autopilot, you can hunt down new opportunities and repeat the same steps:- Find Market—Create An Offer–Drive Traffic To The Offer—Present Backend. Duplication allows you to explode your overall profits by creating multiple streams of income.