DuckDuckGo is used for searches by 80 million users worldwide, according to the company website.

It appears that people are looking for a search engine these days that is simple, safe, and could give them peace of mind. Some consumers value this more than using a website that everyone else in the area uses when making purchasing decisions.

For everyone’s information, a formjacking code is monthly injected into 4,800 websites.

In one instance, a hacker discreetly places harmful code on a website that, when a user enters their information, begins to collect data. In order to prevent users from falling victim to these kinds of scams, DuckDuckGo mandates automatic encryption whenever they visit a website.

People seem to love DuckDuckGo

Five million people have downloaded DuckDuckGo from the Chrome Web Store, and ten million have done so from the Google Play Store. What draws people to its service, though? The short answer is that individuals are tired of having their online actions recorded. Additionally, users adore how user-friendly the UI is.

DuckDuckGo’s landing page is rather simple, similar to Google Search. You can enter your search in the search bar on the page. Another reason is that it blocks page trackers before these sneaky lurkers even load. The safe search engine makes use of “3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection,” which prevents trackers from harvesting users’ private information.

No saving of browsing history

Additionally, DuckDuckGo stops websites from logging a user’s browsing history and the trail of links they click while they are browsing. Users can choose to allow the app to display their frequently visited sites so that they are easier to identify later on. The final benefit on DuckDuckGo’s long list of benefits is that it is free to use. Anyone can download it and use it as their default search engine to look up information.

Market share

Only 0.63% of the global search market is currently occupied by DuckDuckGo, and 2.44% of the US market. Google continues to be the market leader, with 100 billion monthly searches to DuckDuckGo’s 2 billion. However, during the past few years, this private search engine has become more popular.

DuckDuckGo sought financial support from outside investors, as do many entrepreneurs. In 2011 and 2018, it brought in $3 million and $10 million, respectively. The most recent and largest of all occurred in the middle of 2021 when it acquired $100 million from several venture investors, including Brian Acton, the founder of WhatsApp. In 2018, DuckDuckGo was valued at $74.8 million overall. Analysts at the time expected the company would grow exponentially, with a CAGR of 30%. If this prediction comes true, it will increase the company’s valuation to $740 million over a five-year period.

Nowadays, internet users are searching for straightforward tools that would guarantee them a nice night’s sleep without worrying about a breach of their personal data and credit card information the following day. This is why many people are already acting pro-actively by transferring from their current service provider to one that might offer them better value without charging them anything. Always value privacy and safety before popularity.


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