If you’re searching for a UK copywriter right now, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the variety of writers available. Some debunking and explanation could be in order if you don’t recognise your SEO writers from your digital copywriters.

What is a copywriter for SEO?

Writing SEO Copywriter content that is keyword-rich with the main goal of moving your website up the Google rankings is a specialty of SEO copywriters. They know precisely what phrases to add in your material to make it effective. They are aware of the most recent search terms used by human visitors and they are aware of what the search engine ‘bots’ are searching for. Both the search engines and your crucial human visitors are drawn to SEO material.

A web copywriter is what?

An online copywriter organises your information and creates captivating, innovative, and unique text that persuades real people to connect with your website rather than leaving for a competitor. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about keywords and effective placement to attract search engine ‘bots.

Isn’t that what SEO copywriters do? Wait a second.

What exactly is a digital copywriter, then?

An online copywriter produces more than simply web material. They have a wider variety of abilities, including composing email copy, press releases, blogs, Tweets, and Facebook updates, as well as understanding how that text interacts with your SEO material. Are you beginning to see a trend here?

These three letters, SEO, keep showing up. Let’s dispel a fallacy right now, though: SEO doesn’t merely refer to searches. Making each line of text, each keyword, and each piece of online material as effective as possible is what is meant by optimization. Yes, it helps you rise in the ranks, but page rankings are useless if there are no conversions. Even if a website may rank well on Google if it has thousands of daily visitors, SEO efforts are ineffective if the visitors aren’t turning into customers.

What then distinguishes them?

The fact is that today’s online copywriters, SEO copywriters, and digital copywriters have very little in common. They are essentially the evolutionary stages that copywriting has made in response to the development of the Internet and its needs. Today, digital copywriters (or whatever title they give themselves) create the kind of material necessary for success in the social networked world of today while taking into consideration all SEO factors.

Years ago, it was assumed that having effective SEO was all your website required to prosper. Things are different now. While still important for search engine performance, keywords are simply one aspect of the equation. Killer content, or material that engages readers, instructs them, and is new and unique, is now crucial. Content that contains thoughtfully positioned road maps leads human users to your website’s final goal, such as the “contact us” or shopping cart check-out page, across the site. If you’re new to the field of copywriting, there are several excellent copywriting classes available that can teach you the latest SEO strategies as well as how digital copywriting is rapidly replacing traditional copywriting as the go-to business tool.

Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are the newest kids on the block.

Ignore social media at your risk, since it is drastically changing how companies offer themselves to online audiences from new demographics. For a strong online presence that uses all kinds of copywriting, like SEO, social media, and even YouTube video scripts, you need good UK copywriters who can put all the parts of an online campaign together.

Spend money on subpar materials and you’re wasting your money. You’ll have a site that shows you a return on investment, greater sales, and a strong online presence if you pay for top-quality content, refresh and update it often, and continually review your SEO.

Derryck Strachan is a well-known copywriter, internet businessman, and the founder of Big Star Content, one of the top online content providers in the UK. We produce content for numerous major UK and worldwide companies and organisations’ websites, but we’ve also helped hundreds of start-ups and SMEs use content to grow their online presences. We offer content planning, social media marketing, copywriting training, online copywriting, and SEO copywriting as some of the services we offer.