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April 22, 2024

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Why SERP Is Important for SEO 2022

Why SERP Is Important for SEO 2022

Why SERP Is Important for SEO 2022


Top ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP) has always been a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO) and website success.


What is a search query? Whenever someone goes to Google or another search engine and types in keywords or questions to find a product, business, or information, they are making a search query. There are multiple types of Google searches, but if you want to increase organic traffic from your targeted audience, you need to make sure your website shows up at the top of the SERPs.


Top Reasons Why SERP is Important for SEO 2022


The answer to the question, “Why SERP is important for SEO 2022?” is not much different than it has been four years. Website owners know the importance of organic traffic flowing from uniquely defined targets on Google and other search engines. You need a high volume of traffic to succeed, but specific targeting means more.


Today, Google offers a variety of SERP features that get most of the attention. These include:


·      Featured snippet

·      Local pack for geo-specific businesses

·      Adwords results from paid search

·      Knowledge panel and knowledge cards

·      Related questions


If your website ad and link appear in these or any other Google features, you have a much higher chance of getting high-quality traffic that will make a true difference to your brand.


How to Analyze SERP Features


Most analysis occurs after traffic starts to roll in. If you are not an SEO expert and want to concentrate more on day-to-day operations and growth strategies for your own business, your best bet is to engage the services of a knowledgeable team who can handle this type of thing for you.


One excellent tip to manage your search results page placement and opportunity for features is to monitor SERP competitors and track the changes they make that get them more attention. If you do not have access to one of the premium tools that allows you to check SERP competition, rely on the experience and knowledge of a professional team like ours at Digital Marketing Netic.


How To Find SERP Features Opportunities?


Now that you understand the importance of not only ranking high on the results pages but also showing up in various Google features, it is time to learn how to find SERP features opportunities. What smart site-building and marketing practices can help?


SEO Search engine optimization forms the foundation of all organic traffic generation. Using the correct keywords, effective meta-data, and ensuring technical excellence all improves your chance at feature presentation.


Google My Business ManagementThe most popular search engine values its own business directory more than any other. You need to claim your Google My Business page and fill it out appropriately to improve your SERP rankings.


Content Writing/Blog Frequently updated content on your website or blog helps SEO a lot. It takes more than general information to rank higher, however. Expertly crafted blog articles power up your presence online.


Social Media Management You cannot ignore top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others if you want your SERP positioning high. Ongoing SM management boosts both off-site SEO and other marketing activities.


Backlinks – Strategic links from high-authority pages to your website boosts its reputation and increases traffic. Best of all, it increases your chance of grabbing top SERP features on Google.



Boost your website’s search engine rankings and make use of the latest SERP features to attract more traffic. Learn why SERP is important for SEO 2022 and beyond. Digital Marketing Netic can help.


Contact us today to learn more and get started transforming your online presence





1: Why Is SERP Important?


Ranking high in the Serbs is the number one way of getting more organic traffic to your website. Besides being the first ad and link searchers see, top positions also build credibility and improve your domain authority.


2: How To Add SERP Features To My Website?


SERP features like snippets, common questions, local packs, and reviews are not things that show up on your website. Instead, you need to impress Google so much that they choose your link and site information to display to searchers. Digital Marketing Netic can help make that happen.



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