The storage, handling and processing of liquids is a critical requirement for many industries and businesses. The equipment used for the safe and robust realisation of these processes is also extremely important. At this point, stainless water tanks and stainless liquid tanks made of stainless sheet metal come into play and countries such as Turkey produces to meet industrial needs, sells domestically and abroad. Special productions are also made in accordance with industrial needs.

Stainless water tank and liquid tanks are manufactured from stainless steel.

Features of Stainless Warehouses

    1. Stainless Steel Material:This type of steel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Even when used in coastal areas such as Turkey or in areas with high humidity, stainless steel minimises the risk of rusting or corrosion.  

    2. Different Capacities: Stainless steel tanks are available in different capacities. Different sizes of tanks are produced to meet various needs from small businesses to large industrial facilities.

    3. Compliance with Hygiene Standards: It is extremely important that water and liquid storage equipment complies with hygiene standards, especially for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Stainless steel is an ideal material to meet cleanliness and hygiene requirements.

    4. Heat and Cold Resistance: Stainless tanks can be used over a wide temperature range. It attracts attention with its resistance to both high temperatures and low temperatures.

5. Pressure Resistance: These tanks are designed to withstand the pressure of the liquid stored in them. It provides safety against high pressures that may occur during industrial processes.


Stainless Warehouse Types

Stainless water tanks can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs because they can be customised to suit different application areas and storage needs. Here are the commonly used shape and design options of stainless water tanks:


1. Rectangular (Rectangular) Tanks: These types of tanks are usually low profile and rectangular in shape to save space. They are usually mounted on the floor or roof. They are frequently seen in industrial and commercial areas.


2. Circular (Cylindrical) Tanks: Circular water tanks are generally used to store large quantities of water. Their round shape has the advantage of better withstanding internal pressure and ensuring even distribution of the liquid. Such tanks are common in water treatment plants and industrial applications.


  3. Horizontal Tanks: Horizontal water tanks have an elongated shape and are usually buried underground to save space. These tanks are especially preferred in areas where above ground space is limited.

  4. Floating Tanks: This type of tanks are designs that float on the surface of the water. They are generally suitable for outdoor use and provide the flexibility to store on the surface of the water. These tanks can be used in industrial processes or farm irrigation systems.

 5. Horizontal Cylindrical Storages: These types of tanks have a horizontal cylindrical shape and are used for water storage, either buried underground or used above ground. Underground use is common where you want to prevent water from freezing or where you don’t want to leave above ground space unoccupied.

6. Vertical Cylindrical Tanks: Vertical cylindrical water tanks are installed vertically to save high space. These tanks are used to fulfil the need for water storage, especially in the interiors of buildings or underground.


The shape and size of stainless steel water tanks can vary depending on where they will be used and their storage needs. Choosing a suitable water tank is important to ensure the safe storage and use of water. Therefore, it is important to consider the needs and get expert advice when choosing a tank.

Stainless Steel Warehouse Production in Turkey

Turkey occupies a reputable position in the international arena in the production of stainless water tanks and liquid tanks. The country’s manufacturers offer products that conform to high quality standards and are competitively priced in the international market. Turkish manufacturers also have experience in providing customised tank designs to suit customer needs.

Stainless water tank and liquid tanks made of stainless sheet metal are indispensable equipment for many industries with their reliability, durability and hygienic properties. Countries like Turkey play an important role in the international market by producing these products in accordance with high quality standards. These tanks contribute to the safe and efficient execution of industrial processes and ensure the safe storage of liquids.