Home is the place for comfort and safety. It is the place where we return to every day. After an exhausting day, it can be a safe haven to rest and prepare for the next day. So, the safety of your home should never be compromised. This goes without saying in the case of fire safety for your home.

There are some basic safety measures you can follow to prevent any fire accidents:

Smoke detectors –

These are alarms that detect the presence of smoke in the vicinity. The residents are alerted by a loud blaring noise when the device gets a positive response. In situations where they are not able to see or smell the smoke themselves, the smoke alarms can save lives. These alarms should be placed in areas or rooms where a fire is most likely to start. Kitchens, decks with a barbeque, and electrical rooms should be the most obvious choices for installing a smoke detector. Usually small in size, they can be placed on the ceiling or the wall. If possible, the smoke detector should be placed at the centre of the room. For extra precaution, regularly check the functioning of the smoke detectors. 

Open flame –

This is a much more obvious action. Cooking fires are the largest cause of home fires. These accidents are the result of leaving food on the stove unattended, allowing combustible objects near the flame, and forgetting to turn the flame off. None of these actions is done intentionally. Taking extra care and precaution in the kitchen can help make it a safer area. Plywood embedded with firewall technology for the kitchen is a wonderful addition to increasing the safety of the home.

Children –

By nature, children are curious beings. And, for some reason, they are attracted to a flame. They should be educated to stay away from them unless an adult is supervising them. Items that can create fires like matches and lighters must also be kept out of their reach. After all, fire is dangerous for both children and adults.

Cigarettes –

If you are someone who smokes inside the home, then you should change that immediately. Smoking indoors can be extremely hazardous. The smoke can confuse the smoke detectors. Sometimes, people tend to switch off the detectors when they smoke indoors. They mentally promise to turn it back on the right after they are done. More often than not, they forget to switch it on. Later, when an actual fire starts, there is no smoke detector to warn them. They lose precious moments before they realize that there is a fire and start evacuating.

Open fires –

For extremely cold weather, some homes have fireplaces to warm the houses. Constant monitoring is required for fireplaces. Annual chimney sweeping is recommended before winter. Any blockage in the chimney should be removed. Stray firewood falling out of the fireplace can easily start a fire. A mesh screen can effortlessly solve this problem. Using the correct tools to handle a fire is mandatory for safety. 

The plywood mentioned above is the Firewall technology embedded plywood manufactured by CenturyPly. With the sole aim to provide a safer alternative to traditional plywood, they have engineered the new Firewall technology. Nanoparticles are used to make plywood fire-resistant. It is not fire-proof as it will catch fire. Usually, wooden furniture acts as fuel in case of a fire. Using this extra fuel, the fire spreads farther than it previously could.

Furniture using Firewall plywood helps to restrict the spread of the fire. Choosing Firewall embedded plywood as the plywood for kitchen is the way to go. In the case of fire breakouts, asphyxiation is a major cause of death. CenturyPly high-grade plywood reduces the emission levels by a considerable amount. The toxicity levels of the smoke and gas are also lessened through this. 

In the face of a fire emergency, keeping calm and evacuating the premises should be the top priority.