Tell me who you are, I’ll tell you how to renovate. The advice of the architect Rome for making choices that will not bore you

 The architect Roma (architetto Roma) dispenses many ideas for renovating the house: from the island kitchen (or not) to the bathroom, from lighting to skirting boards

 Bonus fixtures, facade, curtains. Eco-bonuses and mobile bonuses. The incentives confirmed by the Budget Law sound like invitations to renovate a house in Rome

 “There is a real euphoria in the sector,” says the architect Roma, a guide to renovating your home and those who live in it “But, never like in this period, you have to keep your eyes open”.

 «First of all, to select very well the companies that will work for you. The clever ones have multiplied ». So here are the expert’s tips to restore peacefully, making choices that are similar to us and do not risk to tire us tomorrow.


The architect, arbiter and guarantee

To protect yourself from (any and always possible) rip-offs. To experience all the phases of a stress-free renovation. To choose the right materials when you don’t understand anything about materials. For these and a thousand other reasons, it is essential to get help from a good architect.

“Because he speaks both the language of those who renovate, the client, and that of the company. It acts as a buffer in the event of unforeseen events (and there always are) and takes into account everyone’s needs ».

 An example of a luxury apartment in Rome by Architetto Roma

You have to understand how to choose the one that suits you best. “The architect is a real arbiter, who must work in contradiction with the company that does the work, checking the results step by step”. Owners saying “But I’ll go there, on site!” they often do not know what they are going to face: a huge investment of time, a lot of stress and probable unforeseen events that one cannot cope with, not being in the field.

 You save, of course, but not that much: “An architect can help you a lot, indeed, to spend less: in the choice of companies and materials”. For this it is better to rely on the best architecture firm in Rome.


Tell me who you are, I’ll tell you which style to choose

“Many people get excited in front of houses that are not for them, maybe they see a photo on the web and say: I want it!”. An architect also helps to understand the implications of each choice and whether certain solutions are suitable for the owner.

For example: do you have to choose between parquet and porcelain stoneware? «Consider that the former is a material that evolves with the house and its inhabitants: it will continually demonstrate the life that has passed over it. It is alive, it is ruined, it rises, it reacts to contact with water. Porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, is very resistant, hyper-technological and is able to reproduce any possible material. Only, it is not a continuous material: the joints will therefore betray the true nature of the floor ».

 An example of an home renovation in Rome by Architetto Roma

These characteristics may be enough to facilitate the choice. It depends, explains the architect Roma, on the life you lead. Indeed, more: often the right choices say who you are.


Who loves parquet, who loves stoneware

So let’s try, for fun, to make the identikit of those who love one and those who love the other? “Usually, parquet lovers like to walk around the house barefoot. They are people who appreciate good wine and dinners with friends, live life in a relaxed way and pay little attention to conventions; stoneware lovers are very precise people who pay attention to cleanliness, organized and super-reliable ».

The fundamental advice when looking for the style of your home is to look at a lot of them but then study with the architect those that resemble us and ours (it is useless to fall in love with industrial kitchens if you have to furnish a room two meters by two).

The final project is a team effort in which the owner naturally has the last word. But where the intelligent owner listens to the advice of those who know best.

 You can find a good architect in Rome in this link


An example of the kitchen by Architetto Parioli Gruppo Castaldi in Rome 

Kitchen with island, yes or no?
«For example, I often find myself arguing with owners who are in love with kitchens with an island: it is the kitchen most desired by Italians. But in the homes of most of them it is not functional: there is not enough space. Many end up building a house around that island, in order to have it. But they will soon realize that they are missing something, and they have something too much. Exactly, the island.


Skirting board: you can’t do without it

“Many do not consider the skirting board a problem simply because they do not consider it,” says the architect Roma: “The others hate it, and I am one of them. But the skirting on the lower part of an internal wall of the room, the one that covers the joint between the surface of the wall and the floor, can greatly influence the aesthetics and style of a house “. Practically unavoidable element, it can be more or less high, more or less angular and of different colors: like the floor, like the wall, like the doors.


Lighting: background or accent

“I always tell my clients, many do not have the perception: a beautiful house with bad lighting is ugly”. So, hold on